Wage Violations

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Minimum Wage

Despite the law, many employers attempt to pay their employees less than the time worked. You are entitled to get paid for all hours worked. 

An employer may misclassify an employee as an independent contractor, they may fail to pay for the overtime hours worked as time and a half, or outright wage withholding are a few ways employers violate the wage laws. 

Misclassification of Employees

Today, misclassification is a common practice by employers. There are a couple of reasons why employers unlawfully misclassify employees as independent contractors. The number one reason is to save money. By classifying an employee as an independent contractor, an employer can get out of the responsibility for compensating an employee with benefits such as health, FMLA, disability, short term or long term sick leave, Workers Compensation and Unemployment Insurance. Most importantly, the employee is paid per job or project, and this may actually end up less than minimum wage per hour.


In Florida, all hourly employees must be paid at least minimum wage and time and a half for their overtime hours. Any hours worked over 40 per week are considered to be overtime, and this is  regardless of the number of hours worked each day. However, an employee does not necessarily get time and a half for working on holidays or the weekends. 

Doing Work Off the Clock ??

An employee is entitled to be paid for all hours worked, this includes doing things for the employer before and after you clock in for work. It is important to keep track of your hours. Hourly employees cannot be asked or forced to perform any type of job-related duties or work off the clock. Some employers ask employees to clock out and then continue doing work or do work related activities such as completing paperwork, cleaning your work area, prepare work and materials for the next shift. If this is happening to you it may be considered work and you may be entitled to unpaid wages. 

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